[In the studio]<br/> Sergei Pogrebiski

Recently we have visited the studio of the young graphist Sergei Pogrebiski. The artist works in the technique of linocut that is the reason why there is this wonderful machine in his studio!

Sergei showed us what...

[In the studio]<br/> Sergei Grinevich

SergeiGrinevich–is an ardent patriot of his city. Grodno is decorated with about 50 of his monumental murals and stained glass. This is the city where the main artist's workshop is based. SergeiGrinevichartworks can be found in...

[In the studio]<br/> Alexander Grishkevich

We invite you to take a look at the creative studio of the Belorussian landscape painter Alexander Grishkevich. His studio was exactly as we imagined- everything is very organized, the artist has a lot of literature and music...

11-10-2012 | 19:00<br/> «Gipsy Swing» Sergey Ovsyannikov trio
01-11-2012 | 19:00<br/>
15-11-2012 | 19:00<br/>
29-11-2012 | 19:00<br/> «REUNION» RodionIvanov Trio
31-01-2013 | 20:00<br/>
28-02-2013 | 20:00<br/> «Jazz Guitar Evolution» Swing Brothers Duo
14-02-2013 | 20:00<br/>
14-03-2013 | 20:00<br/>
28-03-2013 | 20:00<br/>
18-04-2013 | 20:00<br/>
23-05-2013 | 20:00<br/> «YOU KNOW IT» closure of the musical season
26-09-2013 | 20:00<br/>
17-09-2013 | 20:00<br/>
31-10-2013 | 19:00<br/> Laura Marty Quartet
14-11-2013 | 20:00<br/> Solomin | Bogolyubov
16-01-2014 | 20:00 <br/>
22-05-2014 | 20:00<br/> RuslanEgorovQuartet
16-12-2014 | 20:00 <br/>
22-07-2015 <br/>
24-09-2015 | 19:30 <br/> Oleg Gorodensky
27-11-2015 | 20:00<br/> Roman Kolyada&xPace
21-12-2015 | 20:00<br/> EL GRAN ASTOR Victor Solomin Quartet. JAZZ TANGO
21-12-2015 | 20:00 <br/> Winter wonderland
23-09-2016 | 19:00<br/> Strain Tones. Taras Fenik's Piano Improvisation
FINE ART UKRAINE 2013 Mystetskyi Arsenal
Andrei Zadorine at FINE ART UKRAINE 2011
Exhibition of works by Sergei Grinevich
Summer Essence
Exhibition of graphics
Viva la Frida | AlinaPivnenko (Scissorhands)
Sergei Pogrebisky
Irina Ozarinskaya
National artist of Ukraine N.N.Prokopenko exhibition
Vladimir Chornobay
Exhibition of Georgian artists
David Brodsky
Konstantin Rudeshko
Nekrashevich Alexander
Osip Krivoglaz
Andrei Zadorine
A photo exhibition dedicated to Barbara Karinskaya
Yuri Gorbachev Exhibition of works in the framework of a large
Dina Oganova Solo Exhibition
Group exhibition of Belarusian artists
Vasilina Safandula
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Prokopenko Nikolai
Prokopenko Nikolai
Breish Vyacheslav
Exhibition and show CockTale
St. Nicolas Day
Nina Egorova | Fashion show
New Year 2013!
New Year 2011!
Terrestrial and celestial life of Paraska Khoma

Nebo Art Gallery is proud to present the first posthumous exhibition of outstanding folk artist Paraska Khoma. The exhibition is devoted to the 83th day of the painter's birth. On view from November, 10th until November, 30th.

01-12-2016 — 25-12-2016
FETICHE | Andrei Tsoy

Nebo Art Gallery honorably invites you to Andrei Tsoy solo exhibition called "Fetiche".


Three slightly adjusted shots from the movie «Spirit of the Beehive» transported to the canvas by Belorussian painter Andrei Zadorine.

HERITORS | Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary Of the National Academy Of Art And Architecture (NAOAA)

At January 19, 7 PM, Nebo Art Gallery is holding a solemn opening of "Heritors" – the exhibition of works by NAOMA students of graphic arts – dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the National Academy of Art and Architecture...

Bright impressions | Larysa Pisha paintings exhibition

On February 9 at 19:00 Nebo Art Gallery invites to visit the opening of Larysa Pisha paintings exhibition called "Bright impressions"

02-03-2017 — 09-04-2017
Spring | georgian paintings