Andrei Zadorine

The Blue Strip of the Sea, 2017, Watercolor on Paper, 100x64 cm
Sunny Day, 2017, Watercolor on Paper, 95х61 cm

Andrei Zadorine is Belarusian born artist. 

Andrei works with watercolors and oil painting for demonstration of time transience and individual reflections of his life.

In nostalgia lies the secret of artworks by Andrei Zadorine, because we become not only viewers but participants. We can feel, again and again, the same feelings as in our childhood: run across the forest, jump on the rope, carefree sitting on the beach, and of course worry about relationships with parents, friends, and loved ones. The paintings and watercolors by Andrei Zadorine it's like a movie about everyday and routine on paper or canvas.

His works are in the collection of the Tretyakov Gallery, in collections of Matthew Wild and Hughes Wide. 

Andrei currently lives and works in the Netherlands.