Mykola Prokopenko

Near the sea, 2003, mixed media on paper
Infinity, 2018, mixed media on paper
Snowy woman, 2012, mixed media on paper

Mykola Prokopenko is a Merited artist of Ukraine.

He creates an extraordinary style to express the Ukrainian mentality. Mykola Prokopenko is a restorer, who works with national sacraments and world masterpieces. His level of productivity is very high: Prokopenko has created more than 2000 pieces of art in his studio. He makes easel paintings, murals, and icons.  

Prokopenko has a poetic and exclusive worldview that turns almost everything into symbolic images of Ukrainian folk art. The artist is inspired by folk art, and, at the same time, uses some Avant-garde achievements. 

Mykola Prokopenko lives and works in Odesa, Ukraine.