Oleksii Shcherbak

Oleksii Shcherbak, Mark and Dave, felt-tip pen and pencil on paper, 2019
Oleksii Shcherbak, Sisters, mixed media on paper, 2020
Man with ice-cream, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2020

Oleksii Shcherbak is a young Ukrainian artist, who has just recently graduated from NAOMA.

His works are mostly about details, layered graphics with classic American comic book techniques, but with a vintage Victorian touch.

Drawing for Oleksii is a language that he recreates, regulates, and learns by himself from childhood.  And he writes his stories in this language: "I do not like to say what is shown at work.  It's like quickly retelling a book.  It is much more interesting to listen to the audience".

Oleksii lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine.