Serhii Pohrebyskyi

The planet I, 2016, mixed media on paper
Circle, 2019, linocut

Serhii Pohrebyskyi is a Ukrainian artist. He was born and grew up in a family of artists as well as inside of a creative community. 

Pohrebyskyi graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (Kyiv, Ukraine). Also, he studied in the Victor Marushchenko School of Photography. Serhii Pohrebyskyi frequently exhibits nationally and internationally, and works as a painting teacher. Among other things, he prepared adolescents for higher education in art in Suzhou, China. 

“The majority of my artworks are influenced by landscape and nature. I lived and worked in China for a year, and that time has mostly affected my art. Then I began looking for the beauty and greatness in small shapes and natural objects,” Pohrebyskyi said.    

Serhii Pohrebyskyi lives and works in Poland.