Volodymyr Chornobai

Acacia 8, 2015, silkscreen printing
3/52-іх-, 2007, acrylic, silkscreen printing

Volodymyr Chornobai is a Merited artist of Ukraine. He works as a mural artist and makes stained glasses. Nevertheless, he pays special attention to graphics. 

For example, the artist makes a lot of silkscreens. As Chornobai said, “This is handicraft technology, so every print is unique. Graphics multiplies ideas, and every print has its own nuance. Furthermore, I can experiment with colors and consequently change the emotionality of my statement.” Volodymyr Chornobai attempts to imitate nature and augment reality in his art—both literally or figuratively. 

The artist has frequently exhibited since 1984. His works can be found at more than 25 museums and galleries in Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, Germany, the USA, etc.

Volodymyr Chornobai lives and works in Ternopil, Ukraine.