Art Madrid 2018

Nebo Art Gallery presented the Existence of Light and Childhood personal project by Andrei Zadorine at the international contemporary art fair Art Madrid in 2018. 

There were artworks of various years: oil paintings and watercolors with similar worldviews influenced by nostalgia and melancholy. 

The artist reproduced on canvas three modified film shots from the iconic movie The Spirit of Beehive (1973). It’s hard to take the movie rationally, even if it’s considered a masterpiece of Spanish cinema. This requires a child’s perception, who is ready to believe in every fantasy. The project started as a tribute to Victor Erice, a Spanish film director. He was able to express things that Andrei Zadorine selected as the main research subject for his artworks.           

Andrei Zadorine also works with long-term cultural memory. It has an effect of framing reality that is similar to the methods of Antonioni and Tarkovsky; slightly blinding light as in some paintings of the Dutch Golden Age; the color of faded photos look like polaroids; the state of complete silence we can feel in the paintings of Andrew Wyeth, an American realist painter. 

“I don’t know any other artist, who always uses his childhood memories as an artistic motif. The whole world is created on canvases. This is the world of childhood,” art critic Oleksii Andreev shared the impressions of Zadorine’s artworks.