Kyiv Art Week 2020

Andriy Tsoy, Yellowmen, 2019, oil and acrylic on canvas
Andriy Tsoy, Justin's Girl, 2020, oil, acrylic on canvas
Andriy Tsoy, Fake, 2019, oil and acrylic on canvas
Andriy Tsoy, Sam&Son, 2019, oil and acrylic on canvas

The gallery presented the FAKE STORY/HUMAN RIGHTS project by Andrii Tsoy and Oleksandra Kryshovska at the Kyiv Art Week Online in 2020.     

At the age of 37, Samson, who was believed to be a resident of Kyiv, (Samson was put up in 1982 as a fountain on Kontraktova ploshcha (Contract Square)), and who experienced a midlife crisis, was attacked and forcibly painted pink by hooligans. A gross violation of the right to liberty demolished the serenity of his mind and caused a mental disorder known as persecutory delusions (F22.01 according to ICD 10). Since then Samson started to feel like someone constantly keeps track of him and that it was mediated some mischief. Also, Samson thought that there was a secret organization with only one aim, which was hunting for him. He was sure that the conspiracy had reached an international level. It sounds paradoxical, but mainly Samson is not so sick. His symptoms are nothing more than a reflection of a global disease of humanity called Fake. Fake or imitation is in our genes from very birth. Such tendency to exaggerate takes place in the social structure and in the food chain. It protects us from the awareness of a disappointing evolutionary forecast and provides us with a few more moments of a fake sense of our exceptional importance.