WORKSPACE. Niсkita Tsoy

Welcome to Nikita Tsoy's work studio. Here on the 6th floor, he spends a lot of time while working or resting with friends. 
This is our informal visual review and a kind of online meet with the artist's world.
“In my case, the workshop is not restricted to its walls. I consider this place as a space where you can discover silence and concentrate on thoughts or topics that are sounded off around. For the last 2 years, I changed my rhythm and I have been trying not to do a lot. Thus, ideas get more saturated, condensed and are not regarded as a transitional stage from the topic to the next one. However, there is one important point pertaining to this matter.
There are two palm trees in my workshop. They aren`t at this spot in vain. They must be watered. This is the secret of the seasoned masters. Such things assist you to appear there every couple of days. Even if you are at the stage of consideration or hesitations, or you have a more crucial business to do. In addition, now and then my pipes leak, so I need to come there systematically. So it helps not to forget who I am and in which things I am involved in.
I took the workshop after my father about 5 or 6 years ago. Dad moved out to find a better life. Almost nothing was left there, but the place was in the brilliant state. Over the years, I put everything to my rights. A couple of times, I with friends, even made wall paintings there during the partying, when we were not entirely sober. Still, the education of a monumental artist occasionally makes itself felt.
I don`t belong to those who make many plans, and I like musing that tomorrow I can suddenly start doing something very different. The main thing is to fix certain ideas in time because my plans never come true. Although I still stick to one plan: every few days I go to water the flowers.”